Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ken Macha is an Elephant

Because he never forgets. Three months after the cheap fastball between the shoulder blades from Jeff Karstens to Ryan Braun, what are the odds that Karstens will come to the plate as a hitter? As a reliever? It matters not to Ken Macha, who clearly ordered a code red in the form of a fastball to the back of Karstens. Fucking loved it. Will there be repercussions tonight?


-The Twins fucking melted down. Which is nice.

-Jack Nicholson is either senile, or should stick to basketball, or both. I saw hit on SportsCenter this morning at a Phillies-Cubs game, wearing a Yankees hat. What the fuck? Dude, first of all, you live in LA. Shouldn't you be at a Dodger or Angel game? Second of all, I don't have a problem with going to a random game elsewhere, but do you think you could have either a) just combed your fucking hair or b) wore a plain hat or c) wore a Phillies hat? There is no way you are even a Yankee fan. You are just wearing it to "look cool". Nothing pisses me off more than to see someone at a Brewer-Cub game with a Pirates hat on. Or at a Packer-Panther game with a Bears jersey on (saw it this year). Fucking either go to your team's game, or tone it down. There should be a rule that you are automatically ejected from the premises if you have random team apparel on.

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Bear said...

Or a god damn Jets Brett Favre jersey on at a Twins-Brewers game in the dome, I almost killed that old man