Friday, July 24, 2009

Roger Goodell Is Stealing Booze From Me

Well, it looks like the annual draft party is history. Roger Goodell is personally seeing to it that I get obnoxiously drunk one less time in 2010. I heard the next plan is to have the NFL take away Oktoberfest as well.

If you ask me, the clear motivation for making the draft three days, and turning it into a Thursday thru Saturday affair, was jealousy of the OJSFA draft. The NFL cannot stand that someone else has a better/ridiculously long/insanely complicated draft process than them. Also the OJSFA draft is a ratings bonanza. But the NFL couldn't go all the way, so they will slowly creep in one year at a time, until they are making one pick every day from March 1 to August 1. And making each pick an hour long show. Still, until there is a two day black out drunk celebration of the NFL draft, it will be nowhere near the Orenthal James Simpson Football Association, whose draft will be completed a mere 15 days from now!

PS. I totally came into work an hour early with the intention of working, but I instead made some fantasy baseball roster moves and took up space on the internets with a useless post about a "sporting event" that is going to take place in 9 months.