Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Dear Fucking stupid Viqueen fans,

If anyone deserves to know how this feels, it is you. Have fun going 8-8 on 290 carries by A-Peter, and a whole shitload of fumbles and INTs by your QB. Not that it wouldn't have happened with He Who Shall Not Be Named involved. But at least He would have won you a couple of games too. Travarioueouis? Not so fucking much. God damn terrific. And trust me when I tell you that I am happy out of pure hatred for Viqueen fan, not love of He Who Shall Not Be Named, or fear he would beat us. I hope all you Viqueen fans eat shit and die. Also, enjoy Los Angeles. Because your time in Minnesota in that fucking shitty stadium, in front of 40,000 shitty fans (in a 70,000 seat stadium), is about to come to an end. Also, have fun trying to find the game during a local black out. You stupid fucking assholes. I can't wait for the Pack beat the living shit out of you and Traiueverooues. And that faggot with the cowboy hat and mullet.



P.S. I fully understand that he will be in your training camp in three weeks. But let me fucking enjoy this for a little while.


I'll probably beat this dead horse even further!


Ricky said...

Fucking fantastic! It was all worth it!!!

Bear said...

Haha, there's already reports of him continuing the throw and work out, I love it. Juice you are gonna end up with a fucking aneurysm before football starts