Monday, July 20, 2009

It Is Over

The diet. Got down to 180. A mere 39 pounds. I promptly went out and ate and drank like a 219 pounder. Won't be long until I'm back there.

The NL Central Race. Felipe Lopez will hit .436 with 39 HRs 141 RBI and 34 SB the rest of the way, and will also contribute in long relief. His addition will have the Crew winning the Central by 12 games. What I don't like is that we traded a minor leaguer I've actually heard of (Cole Gillespie). But in reality like 5% of minor leaguers ever even make it pro, so I guess I shouldn't worry. Chances we get Halladay? -45%.

The thought that Seth McClung is good. Jonny Gomes? Really?

The flight of Prince's homer yesterday. It finally landed.

In other news, I got completely fucked up a 4 in the afternoon with my 75-ish year old grandma. I bet between 4 and 7 pm on Saturday, the 6 people that were playing dice had between 50 and 75 shots. I know I had 10. It was totally random.