Friday, July 17, 2009

HR King! No, Not Prince

Prince's homer/posing/bat flip was nice and all, but I'm far more impressed with the fact that Braden Looper leads the NL in home runs allowed. Lucky for him, he also leads the league in run support, so he is lucky not be like 2-10 right now. He is an absolute mystery wrapped inside a conundrum. Is he good? Does he suck total balls? Is he better/worse/same as Suppan? I personally believe that he is probably worse than Soup on the whole. Granted, Suppan can be absolutely awful, but he can be really good too. Looper gives us average and awful. He is a classic number 5 starter, except that he is our number 3 right now, which sucks. He did randomly have 3 hits last night, which for a pitcher is like going 8 for 8.

Seth McClung tried really, really hard to lose the game last night, but failed even at that. He continues to unimpress me.

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