Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bitching and Moaning

-Chad Ocho Cinco is batshit crazy. Not that there was ever really a question, but holy shit.

-I was sitting around downloading a few songs on iTunes today, and I was looking for that Kid Rock song where he stole the hook from "Sweet Home Alabama", and realized that it wasn't there. Then I find out that he pulled all his shit because he wasn't getting paid enough. My response, as usual, is fuck you. He and Jay-Z are the two biggest artists to pull all of thier shit, even though everyone on earth is pretty much dowloading songs from iTunes. I can't really figure out how he thinks this will be more beneficial to him. I realize he probably gets about a nickel or so from every song that is downloaded. But has he smoked so many drugs that he has forgotten what the world was like about ten years ago? When NOBODY paid for music, and just stole it via Napster? Even though people reportedly get prosecuted for it a little bit now, I would be willing to bet that if more artists did this, more people would take thier chances. Two artists isn't enough for me to fuck around with that again quite yet, but if I got pushed far enough I would. I think he should be happy with his nickel.


Bear said...

Anyone who pays for their music is a dumbshit. Don't share your shit and you will never be caught.

Juicelaw said...

I knew you would call me out.