Thursday, November 12, 2009

Watch Out For 'Skers

Armed Robbery? Pffft.

Former Nebraska running backs will KILL YOU. I'm writing this to say that it is ironic that Thunder Collins is joining Lawrence Phillips in the 'pen. I'm also writing because I hate Nebraska. But does anyone honestly think NU didn't recruit these guys knowing of their "character issues"? (i.e. killing, raping, running people over with cars while they were on a playground). The people of Nebraska should really stop pretending how proud of a program it is. Because it is Florida St. North. Or Miami North. If Florida St. and Miami players killed more people. I find it awesome that under "Also See" on the right side of the page it lists: "Ex-football player Phillips convicted of seven felonies".

All Wisconsin does is get sweet deals on shoes and drive drunk on mopeds.

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