Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bear's Miller Lite Keys to the Game

As I sit here, reveling in my extra hour of sleep from the night before, I am contemplating taking a shower before I head down to the bar to watch the festivities of the day. My anger flares as I watch some assclown fullback from the Eagles run for a 40 yard touchdown instead of LeSean McCoy, who I chose to start in my flex spot in Juice's league. One thing has been really irking me though. The passing, quick overview analysis of sports writers.

This guy says the Packers D looked terrible in the first game(I won't argue that) and he doesn't see that changing just because of home field advantage. Orrrr how about the fact that we have Atari Bigby back now? Having Bigby in there allows him and Collins to play safety as a unit so I don't have to watch Berrian streak down the sideline, have Al Harris turn around and see his safety playing zone over the middle of the field instead of giving help over the top. Along with that we've also gotten Clay Matthews in on more snaps and we've pretty much given up on Kampman being a linebacker/potential coverage guy in this scheme.

Then I have ESPN's Kevin Seifert talking about our offensive line as though Clifton and Tauscher are our best options at tackle right now. Really? Maybe 3 years ago... How about the offensive line that just got done giving up ZERO sacks to the Cleveland Browns? I know I know, it's the Browns and they're terrible, but stick with me for a minute, we just gave up 5 sacks to the Lions the week before that. The Cleveland Browns defensive line isn't nearly as terrible as the rest of the team, I like TJ Lang and I like Allen Barbre and the way this offensive line is currently set up.

There were many other writers I could have used for these examples, they've all been spewing the same gibberish, they get paid to analyze football but all the regurgitate is whatever the people expect to hear. No research, no watching games, ESPN sucks.

Ok! My keys to the game! I've got a couple pretty strong ones and then one random rant/crazy key.

First of all, we absolutely cannot allow the Vikings wide receivers to do what they did in the first game. It was completely unacceptable for their wide outs to just turn on go routes and score touchdowns. Or for them to do medium depth slant routes and have Kampman running around in circles deciding whether or not he should cover or blitz(the answer there is blitz). It was abysmal and embarrassing.

Secondly, I think we really need to run at Jared Allen. He's obsessed with rushing the passer, we all saw what he did the first game. He's barely even considering that a running play would come to him, if we could run some delay hand offs or counter moves to his side of the line, I think we could really catch him way too far upfield. Run some screens to his side, anything to get him thinking about something other than just running as fast as he can towards Rodgers. If we keep him guessing for a split second and give Lang a chance to get a half step on Allen I think it would greatly improve Lang's chances of success in keeping him away from our QB.

And my last rant/crazy thought process. I say we focus on the Vikings running game the same way we focus on any other team. Treat Adrian Peterson like he's nothing special. Why? Even when you shut him down for 53 yards on 25 carries, it's still Adrian Peterson and he's still a threat to bust out a 50 yard run on any carry. Knowing this the Vikings will still hand the ball off to him whenever they want because he's that big of a threat. So focusing in on Adrian Peterson will never actually shut down the Vikings running game, because to shut it down would mean that at some point in the game they will stop going to ADP, that will never happen. We need to shut down Brett Favre because himself and the Vikings are completely infatuated with making Brett Favre's stats better. We've got to stop that.

Huge game, huge week, huge turning point for the season

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