Friday, November 6, 2009

Crew swaps Hardy for Chuck Gomez

Wow, so apparently we won't be trading JJ Hardy for pitching, we'll be swapping him for salary relief. Hardy was just traded, straight up for Carlos Gomez of the Twins.

With this move, we get rid of Hardy's 4.56 million and will more than likely(read 99.9%) not re sign Cameron who would be due to make around 10 million. Gomez makes around a half million so we're basically dropping 14 million dollars in our salary for this year, I'm assuming that means we'll be adding an arm through free agency.

Big big early move, I am a bit amazed, not sure how to react to this. Our overall team speed just increased by about 37%


Juicelaw said...

Also, our offense just got 45% worse. Just what we needed, another guy to hit .229 to replace a guy that hit....229. Jody Gerut anyone?

The better use that motherfucking money to buy a pitcher. I would have rather traded for a pitcher with a 5.50 ERA or something.

Bear said...

I don't know how our offense got worse, if they both hit the same?

Bear said...

Random quick reactions aside now, Hardy is the better offensive player. Who knows though, I just hope we get one of those, I just need a change of scenery type of situations.

I fear that may hold more true for JJ though.

Juicelaw said...

Our offense got worse because we are essentially replacing Cameron (who at least above average, and did hit for some power) with GoGo. Hardy probably had to go.