Monday, November 30, 2009

Tigah Wooo: Counterpoint

I agree with most of what Bear had to say. His scenario is just as plausible as any.

But from my standpoint, here is the problem: He is making this shit WAY worse for himself than need be by refusing to say anything to anyone, and lashing out about "irresponsibility". Tiger could just throw out some bullshit, still refuse to talk to the police, and everyone would forget about it and move on to whatever stupid shit the Jon and Kate Plus 8 guy was doing in Las Vegas last weekend or what Octomom was pushing out of her womb.

But what he is doing is just weird. It is buying him at least another solid week of Wendy Nix camped out near his house until he says something. Anything.

At the end of the day, 99% of people really don't care what happened. But he is a celebrity, and when famous people do anything out of the ordinary it is always news for a few days. So he needs to get over it and say something. Otherwise, everyone is going to assume you are a wife beating, adulterous, drug abuser, even if none of it is true. Because people are assholes.


Glad to see Bear made it home alive. While not completely shitfaced, I believe he probably had plenty to drink on Friday. I for one, was pretty drunk, and was hungover in the morning for some reason. Perhaps it was the Parliament cigarettes being blown directly in my face. Either way, I'm not sure what it takes to get a 1200 pound bear drunk. So never mind.


Bear said...

How often do you say or do the right thing at work because it's what society or your boss wants you to say, so that you can continue to receive a paycheck?

Bear said...

and by the way the answer is 3 kegs