Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Bullet Points

- I watched about 4 minutes of the Bucks/Bulls last night. Shut it off with the Bucks up 16. They lost. I like Brandon Jennings.

-Go Phillies tonight. I like Pedro alot. Can never get enough of the "Who is Karim Garcia?" audio.

-Beer Review: New Glarus Yokel. Meh. It could've been Lienie's Original or some other swill. I wasn't real impressed. It wasn't gross, but I wouldn't rush out and get one. Definitely at least a notch below Organic Revolution.

-Badger Game Impression: A lot of my opinion probably has to do with the three following truths: 1) The game sucked. It was excitingfor about 10 minutes. College games tend to get out of hand quickly. And the crowd was pretty quiet because the game was over early. 2) I don't know what the cool thing to do before a Badger game is, so we sort of just wandered around and had like 2 drinks. 3) It was fucking cold.

Overall, I would definitely go back, but I think I want to go with someone that knows what they are doing. I also would want to stay down there and get all fucked up. The price was right (we paid $40 for two tickets in the lower section on about the goal line). I will hold off judgment until I get a chance to "do it right", but at this point, Lambeau has a lot more to offer me.

-I nearly convinced my wife to stay in Madison to watch the hockey game that night, but couldn't quite pull it off.

-Nice to be able to watch SportsCenter again. Thank (SportsBottle's) god for the 48 hour news cycle.

-Starting to get geared up for Schmock's wedding Saturday.

-Creighton opens up their exhibition schedule tonight against something called Missouri Western State. I might check it out. I miss T. Scott. I think UW plays tonight too, but those fascists want you to pay for the audio online, and I'm not listening on a clock radio. Maybe it will be on the BigTen Network? I'll have to check it out. College basketball rules. I would totally set the T-3000 up to do a ranking if there weren't 7,000 teams. As always, look for the non-biased rankings at the Basketball State.

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