Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fake Gambling, Almost Real Basketball, DeMarcus Ware Just Sacked A-Rodg In the Hotel

Last Week: 6-7
Season: 56-49
All-Time: 190-175-2

SF (-3), Ten (-7), NO (-14), Mia (-10), Min (-17), NYJ (-7), Cin (+7), Den (-3.5), Car (+2), Oak (-2), SD (-3), Ari (-9), Dal (-3), Ind (-3), Bal (-11)

-I hate alot of these lines this week. It is a good thing gambling is illegal.

-College Basketball begins in earnest on Saturday. Creighton is at Dayton (who is ranked #21 in the A.P. (American Popularity) poll). Creighton is not going to suck this year. I predict they go something like 24-7 and end up on the bubble but get passed over by some shitty 18-13 team from the Big 10 (Wisconsin???). CU needs a win like this for their early resume. 12:00 p.m for those that give a shit. Right in the middle of UW destroying Michigan.

-Speaking of polls, at least in basketball they make no difference because they actually, I don't know, have a tournament where the best team wins. It is insane how that works. So really, I could care less, even though they are kind of dumb when nobody has played any games.

-By the way, UW is definitely going to get in this year even though nobody really thinks so. A) They have Bo Ryan, b) they have a history of being alot better than anyone thinks, especially when everyone thinks they are shitty.

-Brandon Jennings is making me consider watching a Bucks game. For some reason I actually was going to turn one on last night, but it was "not available in my area". Not that broken up. I turned on a 45 point UNC blowout instead. They look really good against St. Mary's Burn Center at home. Fuck UNC.

-Not getting drunk this weekend. I'm finally over my hangover from Vegas I think. Looking forward to that. I have considered trying to go to the Packer game, but I'm not sure I can muster up the energy. Plus with the Cowboys in town, ticket prices are a little inflated.

-While I'm on the subject. I doubt the Packers win Sunday. I think it will be fairly close, but I also think DeMarcus Ware has 11 sacks, and Miles Austin catches at least one TD pass longer than 50 yards. I didn't start Marion Barber III this week against the Pack's D, who has been solid against the run.

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