Monday, November 9, 2009

The End?

I was actually going to try to get some work done this morning, but I am fighting hangover day 2 (more on that later), and I just got angry about the Packers after some conversations with co-workers, so I've got to get it off my chest.

Thankfully, I was in such rough shape yesterday during the game that I had a hard time mustering up the energy to get angry. I was just trying to stay alive.

PROBLEM: The special teams is an abortion. We cannot go on like this any longer. How many more times are we going to give the other team the ball at the Packers 30 yard line? Can we figure something else out here? I'm to the point where I would advocate just kicking it directly out of bounds and giving the other team the ball at the 40, because it would save us 30 yards of field position. And is it really that hard to TOUCH someone coming right up the middle on a punt? That was inexcusable. If a guy comes on the outside, so be it. So fucking frustrating.

ANSWER: I've really got none. We supposedly kept 14 FBs so they could play special teams. We also grossly overpaid Jarrett Bush because he was allegedly our best special teams player. But obviously whatever or whoever is supposed to be covering can't do it. Special teams has been a comedy of errors all year. Blocking and tackling would be a start.

PROBLEM: The O-line. I guess Tauscher was the answer to the problems that plagued us. Through my near death experience, I'm pretty sure Rodgers didn't get touched when Tauscher was in there. Then Tauscher "re-injured his knee" even though I never saw him get hurt. (Maybe it was walking to the locker room?). And Barbre played bull fighter again and Rodger got sacked 6 times. I mean, the O-line is historically bad. 37 sacks in 8 games. The all-time Packer record is 61. Rodgers is going to die.

ANSWER: Attach a healthy knee to Tauscher? Get someone off the street to replace Barbre? I mean, it was like the Bucs got replaced by the '85 Bears at halftime. I'm sure we don't have anyone better than Barbre, but could anyone be any WORSE?

PROBLEM: Penalties. They are bordering on insane.

ANSWER: Don't commit penalties. I've got nothing.

PROBLEM: Lack of pressure on the opposing QB.

ANSWER: I don't think we have the personnel that is capable of blitzing. We NEVER don't get blocked. Maybe the solution is not to blitz? It is a damned if you do, damned if you don't thing. Our linebackers are not good in coverage either. And the d-line can't get any pressure.

PROBLEM: Rodgers taking too many sacks.

ANSWER: I don't think there is a solution here either. He holds it because he's trying to make a play. He's just wired that way, just as He Who Shall Not Be Named was wire to throw it into triple coverage. I think Rodgers needs to take off an run more.

IN SUMMARY: We are fucked. Could we finish 4-12? Probably not, because we play the Lions. But I would say it is alot more likely than 12-4. Realistically, we should be favored against Detroit, Seattle and San Fran the rest of the year. I don't see any way we beat Dallas, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Arizona or Chicago. The chances of the playoffs are not good at all. I don't see much of a silver lining to losing to a bad 0-7 team with a rookie QB making his first NFL start.

And say we do go 7-9. What happens then? What happens when a team with Super Bowl expectations (albeit maybe overhyped) finishes third in their division and below .500? Heads have to roll, and I am sick of the same shit. Who goes? I predict McCarthy probably does, because the GM always gets two coaches. But the startling lack of playmakers and depth is making me doubt the TT way. In theory, I like his philosophy. But if it doesn't work, and I'm not sure it is, at what point do we have to give up? When do his failures outweigh the positives (and certainly there are some) to the point that we have to start over?

I'm sure things aren't as bad as they feel, and I'm overreacting to an awful performance. But is 4-4, with the schedule they have played, any reason to celebrate? I think not.


linda said...

Um, no, things are as bad as you feel. I'm actually hoping for a a losing season now so the board, murphy? will finally fire that turd mccarthy and hopefully thompson along with him. Thompson doesn't want to spend a dime on an offensive line and this is what he gets. what the frick. At least, I think, the bears suck worse than us. How did a team that started the season with predictions of super bowl end up like this. I'm so sick and tired that I can't even be angry anymore...and that's sad halfway through the season.

Now I'm just hoping the Saints keep it together the rest of the season and make the vikings go through their dome...Geaux Saints!

I'll still be up there tailgating my ass off for the rest of the games though (except for dallas)...

Bear said...

My exact feelings transitioned like this yesterday. Crushing depression to numbing indifference.

I could see us going 8-8, but that's probably best case scenario for the season right now. People hyped us after the pre season, but that's what people do, happens every year. It's just we are usually already good or still shitty in the preseason so it hasn't happened to us in like 15 years.

The offense is so predictable I've been accurately predicting run/pass about 80% of the time and the exact play almost 30-40% of the time. You can guess that an opposing D co-ordinator and NFL players might be a little better at that than me.

The defense is so ineffective, there is no reason a team shouldn't do 10-20 yd crossing routes all game on us, they will literally shred us into a million pieces.

Tough to watch right now