Monday, November 9, 2009

More B#*ching

You wanna know what pisses me off even more than the fact that our team is a mess? Try reading the comments below this review of the game. Are people fucking serious? What the fuck does He Who Shall Not Be Named have to do with this??!?!?!!? Jesus Fucking Christ. Get the fuck over it.

Anyone who thinks we win that game (or any game for that matter, really) with a He Who Shall Not Be Named instead of Rodgers, is a fucking idiot. Does He possess some magic ability to disappear, or levitate and fly over the top of the three defenders running free at the QB?

Could we be a little better with Him? Today, maybe. Was it worth mortgaging the next 10 to 15 years to stroke His ego? NO. So fucking get your goddamn Viking fan asses off of our fucking bandwagon you pieces of shit! And don't come back! Would we be better with 1989 Joe Montana? How about 2006 Tom Brady? Really, Really, Really fucking bothers me.

You want to blame Thompson for the questionable talent and depth on most of the roster at most positions, I'm there. But QB is NOT even close to our biggest problem. Looking forward to the $10 tickets to next week's game, since obviously there is a large contingent of morons that will be giving up thier season tickets because the guy who was the highest rated QB IN THE WHOLE FUCKING NFL, had one terrible game, and wasn't wearing a number 4. /end rant

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