Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Pregame Spectacular

First, I ought to get my quick and shitty picks in so that everyone can run to their offshore bookies and place bets solely based upon the opinions of an anonymous Internet blogger:

Last Week: 6-10
Season: 68-66-1
All-Time: 202-192-3

GB(-11), Dal (-13.5), NYG (-6.5), Mia (-3), Sea (-3), Phi (-9), Atl (-12), Ind (-3), Cin (-14), Car (+3), Jax (+3), SD (-13.5), Min (-10.5), Ten (NL), NE (+3)


They will kick the shit out of the Lions today. At least 50% of fans will be Packer fans. There will be some shitty Motown act at halftime. I enjoy Thanksgiving Packer games because it gives me an excuse to be a loud asshole, not talk to anyone, and wear a jersey on Thanksgiving instead of a sweater or some shit.


Takes on nationally popular Michigan on a neutral court today. Don't have a great grasp on the Jays yet. Not a game they will be favored to win, but they could do it. Will be watching via DVR.


Nice trip to Maui. Frustrated a bit by the Gonzaga game. I think the Zags were clearly the more talented team, but if we make more than 20% of our threes, we are right there. I'm liking Leuer alot. Also, Keaton Nankivil is on pace to break the all-time record for missed dunks in traffic that look incredibly athletic and would bring the house down if he made them, but then go off the back of the rim and land at mid court. I counted at least 4 this weekend. Two really nice wins against Arizona and Maryland that will help the future resume. Duke will beat us by 20.


Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown, Version 2.0. I was assured via radio by the Leinenkugels that they reformulated the seasonal nut brown. Last year's version tasted like I was licking a pancake doused in maple syrup. The year is much improved. Not quite a Fat Squirrel, but it actually does taste like a Nut Brown, and I would buy it again.

Happy Thanksgiving

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