Monday, November 2, 2009


At some point, don't we have to start questioning Mike McCarthy? The coaching in the first half was absolutely horrible. The second half was much better, save for the two gigantic abortions which I will discuss later. I hate complaining about coaching, and I'm quite certain I haven't had a real complaint about McCarthy since he's been here. But yesterday was glaring ineptitude.

Let me start out by saying that I think the Queens are better than us. I'm not sure that can be disputed. I don't think they are alot better, but they are good enough that we can't have 7,000 mental errors and reasonably expect to beat them.

-The playcalling in the first half was inexcusable. We can't block anyone. So clearly, the obvious decision is to throw nothing but 5 and 7 step drops. Then, after 5 sacks or so (regardless of whose fault) we should not adjust at all and stick to our plan of running nothing but 25 yard routes. It was ridiculous. The second half proved that short, quick passes will work. And they ALWAYS work. And we REFUSE to do it.

-Ryan Grant. I dislike me some Ryan Grant. He has no vision whatsoever. Yet McCarthy REFUSES to give anyone else an opportunity to carry the ball. I don't think we were running the ball much against the Viqueens no matter who it was, but didn't it seem that Ahman Green ran with a little more purpose? Why does he steadfastly refuse to give anyone other than Grant more than two carries, both of which are draw plays on 3rd and 16??

-Kickoff returns. We have NOBODY faster than Ahman Green to return kicks? By using him, you are basically saying "We will just take it at the 25, thanks." No CB? No WR? Nobody can return kicks but Ahman Green? Baffling.

-Kickoff Coverage. I get not wanting kick away from Harvin initially. But after two straight backbreaking returns, McCarthy finally decided to squib. Again, sort of out of necessity because we couldn't even get a hand on him. Then, after that was successful twice. He inexplicably kicks it deep and gets burned AGAIN? What the fuck?

-Mason Crosby is not capable of kicking a 50 yarder. The fact that he is like 0 for the season, should tell you that. It made no sense to throw a 40 yard pass on 3rd and 8, and then settle for a FG.

-Defensive scheme. Pretty much dominated the 3rd quarter. I think we had a bit of misfortune in the 4th. Poor field position killed us in most cases. But other than 2 possessions, we got NO pressure on He Who Shall Not Be Named at all. Maybe the Viqueens o-line is that good? Or maybe our talent sucks? Alot of what I think happened is that the Queens did what the Pack should have and ran a ton of short routes. Even if we could get through, we wouldn't have had time to get to Him. But even on deep drops, he generally had all day. And I saw Kampan stumbling around in coverage most than once.

-Penalties. Jesus fucking tap dancing Christ that is frustrating. Fucking headbutts, fucking holdings, fucking shit. Every fucking week. Is there ANY fucking accountability? I realize that maybe the players are dipshits, but you can't fire 53 players.


I actually have to commend Thom Brenneman and Troy Aikman. They were actually pretty restrained in their effusive praise of He Who Shall Not Be Named. By far the best announcing team there has been for one of His games. It was obviously a big story, and they gave it the proper amount of attention. But they actually seemed interested in the fact that the Packers were playing.

G-Force did me proud. Two consecutive quarters of boos, plus a nice one at the end. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Anyone who says it was anything but a strong boo is a moron. Also, anyone who wasn't booing should get the fuck out. I don't want to hear from you two months from now when the Pack is in the playoffs. That includes the dipshits at the end of the game with the Packer garb on and the "We love (He Who Shall Not Be Named)" and "We want (He Who Shall Not Named Back)". Congrats folks, you fucking have him, because you are a Viking fan. Fuck. You.

Lets take a quick look at the wild card race since the division is gone barring a 2008 He Who Shall Not Be Named-type meltdown:
Philly 5-2
Dallas 5-2
NYG 5-3
Atlanta 4-2
GB 4-3
Chi 4-3
Ari 4-3
SF 3-4
Car 3-4

Two of those will win their divisions. I think NO and Min pretty much have theirs wrapped up. We play Dallas, Chicago, Arizona and San Francisco yet. 2 at home. We probably need to win all of them. I don't love our position right now, but there is a long, long way to go.

Can't wait to avoid all forms of sports media for the next two to three days. Watched a Taylor Swift video with my breakfast this morning instead of SportsCenter. Listened to Rise Against instead of sports talk.


ruggerbob said...

I agree with all of that. I am now unhappy with MM -- same bullshit every week. He never fixes ANYTHING... same flags, same miss-communications, same inept special teams, same shitty pass rush. These are the same problems in every game and every year of MM's coaching run. The only thing I saw different is that I think A-Rodge is looking past the shorter routes... I think MM is calling them and they are open, but for some reason Rodgers is looking for the big play only.

Juicelaw said...

You might be right. It is tough to know exactly what is happening, which I why I hate it when people bitch about coaching. A-Rodg is definitely not throwing the ball away EVER, either.

Ricky said...

Sigh.... I like Rodgers a lot. He is a good quarterback and will be for a long time. But for Fucks Sake is he frustrating! He frustrates me with some of those sacks more than if he were to throw a pick. Putting yourself into 2nd and 20 might as well be a pick.

I dont like to bitch about coaching either but we have been bitching about penalties for 3 years now. I cannot handle these undisciplined teams any longer.

Ryan Grant looks like he is running in quick sand.



Bear said...

Here is a time machine excerpt from 15 years ago

Sigh.... I like Favre a lot. He is a good quarterback and will be for a long time. But for Fucks Sake is he frustrating! He frustrates me with some of those picks more than if he were to take a sack. Putting yourself into 2nd and 20 is better than a pick.

Juicelaw said...

Dead on.

Bear said...

Of course by this logic in 10 to 15 years we should be receiving a QB that knows precisely when to throw it away, take the sack or take a shot into coverage.

He will, however, run a 5.8 40

linda said...

My voice is still hoarse, I booed non-stop whenever he was on the field. You know what pisses me off the most? I was SURROUNDED by vikings fans. The worst of it is that Acuity Insurance, BASED OUT OF SHEBOYGAN, has 4 seats in front of me. They allowed 4 bears fans to sit there for the first game, then does it not figure, fucking vikings fans at this game? WTF?! Everybody should call these assfaces that call themselves a Wisconsin based company and dig them for sending opposing team fans for such a big game. And not only that, they were so nice during the game, till the last quarter, when they turned blackhearted and evil and taunted us the rest of the game.


You CANNOT cheer for Favre and be a Packer fan...simple and easy. That's it.

Fuck Favre and bus he rode in on.

Anybody wanna buy some Favre signed shit? What do I do with this crap now.

Bear said...

Vikings fans are an interesting bunch, they are so used to disappointment that they will be very soft spoken... Until they actually win a big game, then it's oh my god, greatest team ever, thank god we got Favre, etc etc, more regurgitated bullshit.

The Cris Carter and Chris Hovan jerseys have been out in force the last couple of weeks for this dedicated fan base.

"I've been a huge Vikings fan for life!"

Right... How about you go wild and spend that 80 bucks on a jersey from this decade at least?

Juicelaw said...

RE: Visiting fans.

Unfortunately, many saw $. Or couldn't take the sight, so they sold the tickets to brokers.

Acuity sucks.

Linda is the bomb.