Monday, November 23, 2009

Upon Further Review

Bummer. I guess I shouldn't start buying playoff tickets quite yet. Our pass coverage probably only gets slightly worse because Kampman was a disaster in coverage. But so is Bush, and probably Brandon Underwood.


Bear said...

Yea they're both out, I was gonna right something up but I didn't have time. Kampman being out, meh, no big deal, might even improve the D a little bit. Harris out would be totally fine as well if we hadn't spent the last 3 years with Jarrett Bush on our team and never replacing him. Now that cock sucker is gonna get more playing time and it's gonna suck.

The play after Harris got hurt I hit my buddy next to me and said, "Guaranteed Bush gives up a TD here... I think it'll be to Vernon Davis". I didn't even blink when Davis hauled it in while #24 dived effortlessly to the ground.

Whatever happened to Pat Lee?

Juicelaw said...

I think he is on injured reserve.

We should probably create an injury for Bush and put him there too.

Bear said...