Friday, November 20, 2009

Karl Malone Has Nothing On Me

I thoroughly and completely mail it in every single Friday afternoon. I came in this morning with good intentions. I really did. In fact, I was here by 6:45 am because I was a bit stressed because I had been at a seminar for the past two days. I came to work with a pile of mail and a pile of phone messages to respond to. I plowed through most of that before lunch. Got the important stuff done. And then I ate lunch. And, like every other Friday, I completely lost any desire to do anything.

Not that I typically have much desire to do anything, but by about 2 on every Friday, my brain is toast, I am physically tired, I am looking forward to whatever I'm doing this weekend, and the bosses are sneaking out the back door to begin their weekends.

Also, I occasionally get a random Blackberry messages from my brother that have pictures of a 4-pack of Sparks attached to them at 3:30 pm. I still have no clue why he sent me this picture like 8 minutes ago.

All of this makes it even HARDER to work on Friday. I just surf the web, stare at the clock and try to pretend I'm busy because I sort of need a job in order to make money in order to pay bills.

Friday afternoons were created by Satan (Bear) himself.

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