Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Juice


-Sincere as it could be given the fact that he was on my TV reading off of a piece of paper like it was a 9th grade speech class or something. It had to be hard to say some of the stuff he did, and he was probably a bit nervous. But it was Colin Ferrell level bad acting. And I don't really give a fuck what you do in your personal life, as long as you suck me into four golf tournaments a year. You don't really owe ME an apology. Although had I bought those PGA Championship tickets at Whistling Straits (still a possibility) just to see you, I would be a little pissed.


-I just wanted to toss this in because I found it a little humorous. I became a (very) slight college baseball fan going to school at Creighton. It was mostly due to the fact that the library that I often studied (surfed the Internets) at overlooked CU Sports Complex, or as it is also known, the fluorescent green carpeted area where Creighton plays baseball games. Also, the CU/Nebraska rivalry was pretty tits, and seeing games (including a couple of College World Series) at Roesenblatt Stadium was pretty cool. Anyway, I was reading a Creighton season preview on White and Blue Review yesterday, and I saw that Creighton opens their season this afternoon. A little odd to start this early I guess, but the Crew is showing up in Arizona today, so I guess it isn't that odd. But I read a little further to find out that the Jays are starting the season on a TWENTY SEVEN GAME ROAD TRIP!!!! Creighton is in Omaha, which is probably under a foot of snow right now, making it difficult to play home games. But you have to go pretty fucking far to get to a place warm enough to play baseball in February and March (Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.). And clearly they NEED to play 50+ games. It is a good thing the NCAA only cares about its "student athletes" or they would be forced to walk to all 27 road games, and play 90 games in 85 days or something. And this is why we can't have a football tournament.

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