Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16 Morning Juice

-Interesting-ish week in sports. We've got three USA hockey games (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), two Badger basketball games (Thursday at Minnesota, Sunday at home v. Northwestern) and I'm sure Creighton probably plays (they are frustrating as shit and I feel I'm becoming bandwagon because I haven't followed all that close, and they are easy to ignore when they are average, P.S. they play nationally popular Northern Iowa tonight). Also, pitchers and catchers on Saturday.

-If the US manages to be in medal round contention by Sunday (not a guarantee, because it is my understanding that they are extremely young), I think it will be probably the second most excited I've ever been for a hockey game. They play Canada who is 1) the favorites; 2) the host and 3) our geographic "rivals". The most excited ever was when the Badgers were in the National Championship game a few years back, which marked the only Badger hockey game I've ever seen sober. There is going to be all sorts of hype around the game and I bet the crowd will be ridiculous. I'm hoping to catch the two weekday games on the DVR.

-Figure skating is awful.

-I'm actually excited for the Brewers to play a spring training game. I'm obviously retarded.

I like what they did in the offseason. They addressed some holes (Looper, Suppan?). Although Wolf and Davis aren't stellar by any means, I can't believe they will be worse, and even average would be an improvement. If Gallardo can a) stay healthy and b) stop throwing 130 pitches through 5 innings, Parra taps into his potential by even getting to average, and somehow Suppan dies and Bush/Narveson/mystery pitcher number 5 can pitch into the 5th without giving up 5 homers on even a semi-regular basis, we should win 5 more games based on pitching alone.

Hitting wise, it is hard to imagine the new 93 year old catcher being worse than Kendall, although I'm sure we will lose a few HBP. We will make up the HBP with a full season (hopefully) from Weeks. Weeks was awesome last year before going down, but it felt a bit like a fluke since I hated him prior to last season. Only a full season from Weeks (which seems unlikely) at his early last season performance would be a true improvement at 2B. Is Escobar better than Hardy? I would say defensively it is probably a wash. Speed is a definite improvement. Hitting? Potentially. Hardy was extremely streaky, and could carry a team for a few weeks by himself. But he was also terrible at times. I would settle for mediocre if he steals a bunch of bases (if Macha lets him). 3B is going to be about the same as last year. I doubt McGehee is going to replicate last season, but Gamel should be improved just based on hype. Bruan is great in LF, Fielder is great at 1B. Hart is slightly below average in RF, but possibly Gerut (who got alot better late last year) and Edmonds (assuming he can man an outfield with a walker) could give some much needed competition. The real key I think is going to be Gomez. Is he any good? I know he's fast, and good on D. But is the speed going to make up for the 25HRs that we would've gotten from Cameron? This feels like my big concern for the offense.

In the bully, we probably got a little better with the addition of Hawkins. Lets just pray (to SportsBottle's god) that Hoffman stays healthy.

Wow. This turned into a whole Brewer season preview accidentally. I'm seeing 80 to 85 wins, and being in a wild card conversation late. The playoffs feel possible if Gallardo turns into an All-Star (not out of the question), Braun and Fielder stay healthy, and Parra/Escobar/Gomez live up to expectations. Which is coincidentally, why baseball still sucks. Because teams like Milwaukee need everything to go right, while the Yanks and Sox can afford for almost nothing to go right, and still get to the postseason.

-I'm hoping to make a few trips to Miller Park (anyone interested?), a trip to the new Target Field for Brewers/Twins/blackout drunk in May, and a trip to Petco in San Diego for a random Padres game in May or June this season.


gotwinkies said...

I will meet you for the Twins game. You name the date.

Juicelaw said...

The Brewers are there the weekend between Shit in My Eye and Memorial Day. Richard is presumably going since the reason we are going is to see his slut lair and get really drunk. Do want whichever of us is buying tickets to try to get you one (two?) Let's face it, any time we can get Richard invovled with a bunch of other married couples, we should.

What say you Richard?

gotwinkies said...

are you guys coming with your wives/girlfriends/Sports Bottle's boyfriend?

I really can't see my wife wanting to go on this trip.

Juicelaw said...

It was going to be just Mrs. Juice and I and whatever friends from MN Richard paid to pretend to be his friends. Anyone else that wants to come probably can. I don't care. I'm sure Ricky doesn't either. I just don't know how many tickets we will be able to get.

gotwinkies said...

Will talk to the knocked up old lady tonight. I'm guessing she won't want to go. Plus, since she has been sleeping like 12 hours a night and feeling sick all the time, she probably won't give a shit what I do.

Put me down for 1 ticket and a spot on Richard's floor.

Unkown Blogger said...

the Petco trip is random, I am always good for at least a few games at Miller Park every year. And I can buy tickets like the Cubs game debacle from last year, where we were lucky to not get our asses beat for no reason

Juicelaw said...

LOL. You don't enjoy sitting in the last seat in the top row of the last section of the stadium next to approximately 2,000 blacked out Cubs fans with $700 sunglasses on????

C'mon man! I saved us $4 a piece!

Remember the sweet ass t-shirts we got?