Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two and Seven

You can say what you want about Creighton being a gigantic disappointment this year. And certainly, (8-6, 13-12) qualifies when you are heavy favorites for an at-large bid. So if you are going to cast stones at a seemingly random favorite team (but I'm an alum, so I'm allowed a second favorite to go along with Bucky), you are entitled I guess.

But holy fucking shit does UNC suck this year. I was SHOCKED when I saw the record. Just thought I would point that out. The ACC isn't even that great this year, so its not like you can point to the record and bitch about how hard the schedule is. They don't play in the Big East. UNC should never not be in the top 10.

There is no point at all to this post other than for some reason I felt the need to randomly point out that your favorite team is shitty, yet they will somehow finish 7-9 in the ACC and 20-14 overall, get to the ACC final, and get a bid, because that is what happens when you are UNC, and this is what happens when I talk shit.

I bet everyone can guess who "you" is.

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