Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Live

I'm coming to you live from an office. An office deep inside a mountain-side bunker, somewhere in Northeast Wisconsin. Which, is fucking bullshit. At least I'm wearing a hat. For some reason, it only seems like I'm half working if I have jeans and a hat on. The goal is to get home by 1 for the UW-Indiana tip. It is a game that Bucky should win, at least on paper.

I want welcome those (maybe I should use the singular, "that guy") people here for the first time from the link on the JS Online "Fan Cave". You have to have been a follower or SportsBubble or some kind of nuclear physicist to actually get to the page to find our link, but it is a good page. Anyways, I hope you enjoy me writing, which I typically do much more when I'm not working on Saturdays. (And enjoy silence from the other four writers.) Oh, and O.J. was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

I just realized that I'm pretty pumped for Olympic hockey. Olympic hockey is fantastic. I see the U.S. plays Tuesday afternoon, which means I can either try to DVR it, or I can watch it online and not work. Hmmmmm. (Can this be gambled on SportsBottle?)

I've seen the video of the luge guy over at Deadspin. It was gross. I probably shouldn't have clicked play. I'm not all worked up over the fact that they posted the video like some are, but I don't really want it up here due to the morbidity. If you don't want to watch it, don't. And shut up about the fact that the video is available to watch if you are so inclined. I hate people like that. (Can another luge death be gambled on SportsBottle?)


After two months of blood, sweat and tears (maybe some other bodily fluids) I finally finished "The Book of Basketball" by Bill Simmons. If you like history/basketball/or the Sports Guy, I recommend it. Oh, and it helps if you can read and hold heavy objects simultaneously (700 pages!!!). If you can't do one of those things, the book probably isn't for you.

Next up on my reading list is Chuck Klosterman "Eating the Dinosaur", which is approximately 1,110 pages shorter.


I think I've mastered College Hoops 2k8 to the point that it is getting boring. I'm on a 71 game winning streak with Creighton. I'm gunning for the record of 88 by UCLA. Probably time to get a new game. And yes, I play video games, and my wife lets me.

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