Monday, February 15, 2010

Afternoon Bottle

I need to get this out of the way right away, and I hate myself for it. I was in Miami Super Bowl weekend and I had a couple hours of free time on my hands. I happen to come across a "Jersey Shore" marathon on MTV and I also happen to catch the very first episode. The hook was set right away. I couldn't stop watching. My girlfriend rolls into the room and although she continuously rips on the show, she can't stop watching either. So, Juice, I apologize for ripping on you for watching that show. At first, none of the chicks are hot. After about 2 episodes two of them are getting really hot.

Juice, get your rips in now about my Tar Heels, because your enjoyment won't last long. Besides, this is what happens when you win a national title, which they did last year by the way. They lost 4 guys to the NBA, what would you expect? And now their best player is out for the year. Oh well.

Anyways, I did my best to end my sports gambling addiction, but to no avail. I left for Miami on February 6th. Just before I left I put the rest of my money on the line with some Super Bowl picks and a $25 NHL parlay. I won the bets and had $173 in my account when I got back. So the fun continues.

The reason for the Miami trip was because of a cruise we embarked on the day of the Super Bowl. All around a good time but I would much rather do the all-inclusive resort. I doubt I'll ever go on another cruise.

The trip could not have started off worse. Our flight out was at 5:45am. Our ride to the airport was picking us up at my place at 3:45am (I live about 20 minutes from the airport). At around 3 both my girlfriend and I were ready to leave so I tell her to give our ride (her brother) a call and tell him to pick us up now. She asks, "would you rather wait in your living room or wait at the airport?" I reply, "at the airport." She doesn't call him. To make a long story short, as we wait to board the lady at the counter announces the flight is overbooked and they need two people to give up their seats. Whoever volunteers will get compensation. If no one volunteers they will be forcing two people off the plane. No one volunteers. (You can see where this is heading). Anyways, we board the plane and take our seats. We're in one of the last rows and we see the ticket counter lady board the plane. She gives one more announcement. No one volunteers. She then begins walking towards the back of the plane. My girlfriend gets nervous. I'm thinking "no fucking way." She walks past our row (yes!), stops (oh crap), turns back towards us (motherfuck) and promptly boots us off the plane (fuck fuck FUCK). I felt like yelling "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb b-bomb" like Stiller in Meet the Parents. That is a fucking walk of shame if I've ever seen one. I was beyond fucking irate. It all boiled down to us being the last people at the airport to check in. So, in hindsight, maybe we shouldn't have waited in my living room instead of the airport, but who's keeping track, right?


Juicelaw said...

That was a funny story. But don't ever bring it up again or she will be PISSED.

But back up. You were in Miami for Super Bowl weekend and you didn't go to the Super Bowl? You didn't even mill around a bit on South Beach? If so, that was poor fucking planning all around my man.

The Sports Bottle said...

Well, we would have milled around on South Beach had we made our original flight. But we didn't and got to Miami about 5 hours later than planned.

Juicelaw said...

That is awesome. I feel like you sort of understand marriage.

Did you go on "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Cruise Ship"?

On a side note, is your female friend invited to Shit in My Eye? And is she going? Mrs. Juice has been asking about it for some odd reason. I guess we don't do anything that she couldn't be there for. I told her if she wanted to either get up at 5am to drive to Stoughton to golf, or get hammered Thursday too, then she was welcomed to come. Am I mistaken? Thoughts?

Is Shit In My Eye still happening or did Schmock getting married cancel it?

The Sports Bottle said...

My female friend is definitely invited. She loves golfing (and drinking). I see nothing wrong with the female presence.

But I'm not sure if I'll be able to go. Off days are very hard to come by at my new job, but I will do what I can.

Schmock's marriage will not alter the Shit in My Eye weekend.

Juicelaw said...

Is this a new new job, or just a promotion/hour change at the old one. Fuck man, I don't even know you anymore. Hanging out in seedy Miami hotel rooms with strange women, watching Jersey Shore.

I was only asking about your female friend because I was trying to see if we could make Richard the 11th wheel.

ricky said...

Holy Shit! Another vacation! You take more vacations in a year than I have taken in my life.

We must be getting old when it is welcomed to bring women to a one time guys weekend out.

Juicelaw said...

1) You are right, we are getting old.

2) At least I asked and didn't just show up with her.

3) I think OJSFA is probably the only true guys weekend now. (Until the next Vegas trip)

4) The Bottle is on vacation again as we speak.

The Sports Bottle said...

It's the same job, just a different department.

I would like to arrange a large Brewer outing this summer. I should have a few weekends off at some point due to our schedules rotating. Let me know when you plan a MN trip b/c I might be off.

Females do not NEED to be invited to SIME. It doesn't really matter to me too much either way.


Sports Bottle (from some random vacation destination)

Juicelaw said...

We are going to the Brewer/Twin game the weekend after Shit in My Eye. Not sure if it will be the Saturday or Sunday game. No details yet. I don't think tickets are on sale either.

Juicelaw said...

Also, I could tell the wife to get bent for SIME if necessary.

The Sports Bottle said...

I would have no problem telling the significant other to pound sand.