Friday, February 19, 2010

Today In Fantasy Baseball Meltdowns

This might be a little classless, but I figure nobody will find it so I'm going to replicate a post that just appeared on my fantasy baseball message board with the old guys. Mind you, there have been well over 100 posts already and it is still a month before the draft. The entrance fee is $25, which you won't get when you read this shit (you will assume it is a million). This was just too insane not to pass along to the sane. I have been stirring up shit with this guy, but everyone else is backing me, and the guy is PISSED. The message starts out with a copy/paste of the message he is replying to for some reason. Craig is the commissioner, Mark is the guy that is pissed. All sic'd. Enjoy:

Craig's Post 11:25 P.M. Feb. 18 "Not OK Hothead. Not in favor of altering the post season or regular season. I am in favor of Mark the Spin Doctor ceasing to be a wise ass, every time he posts. Would prefer our ever so righteous brother Mark to stop saying "in risk of being called a whiner". (see below as well and in several other posts) The risk is over....whiner. This is the post below that started it all. How are we to respond? But being pissed off that a guy is going to stop paying money when we all have compromised in the past. Regardless of the outcome and how strong your feelings, to not go with the majority is just being a straight up prick. Like Mike said in so may words, you are grandfathered into paying now. And if you are going to be this way, I will not change my stance on principal alone, so what you have is a standoff."

You know what, Craig, I'm a little sick of hypocrites like you spewing personal b.s. like I'm always a "wise ass" when I post and I'm a "prick" for not going with the so-called "majority". Why don't you f-ing take a look at all the f-ing WISE-ASS posts over the years by you and Al, and now the new king wise ass, Juice. And now Osterboy all of a sudden wants to start spewing garbage for some reason - maybe he's been getting too many of your posts in the past or something? Are you serious? What a joke. Posts by guys like you and Al (and now Juice and Oster) are exactly why Jones and Rob left - face the facts!!! You call what you guys post some type of compromise??? You just don't like my posts because I call bullshit and won't back off. You and Al act like you are the only guys in here that know anything about how fantasy baseball should be played, rules and all, and then when someone else pipes in that they don't agree with your logic, you act like they don't have a clue or you just ignore the issue (as you are doing by not addressing the VERY REAL problems with fantasy playoffs late in the season - you know its a problem, but you're a pig-headed commish who won't address it). Well, get over yourselves. And, for the record, here is what started this whole thing, the out of the blue "A VOTE" post by Mr. Commish on 2/16/10 at 10:51 a.m. WHEN ONLY 8 of 12 TEAMS WERE SIGNED UP and the only takes that had been given on the issue were by the aforementioned 4 "majority leaders" of this f-ing league: "Try to be precise in your answers so we can get some resolution on the issues below. DO WE FREEZE OUT NON PLAYOFF PARTICPANTS THAT ARE NOT ACTIVE IN THE TITLE CHASE? This would mean that all players that did not make the playoffs would be locked from acquiring free agents and waiver pickups, as well as teams that have lost within the 6 man playoffs. You would still be able to manage your currrent roster of players. HOW DO WE PAYOUT THE $300 THAT WILL BE COLLECTED? I think we are all in favor of the amount, which is $25. Any amount going to the consolation bracket seems to have been squashed at this point. Mike may be the lone supporter of this and maybe Al. So with the majority in favor of all money going to the winners bracket, please make suggestions on regular season/playoff payouts." So maybe next time when you want to make a colossal shift in how the league is going to be handled going forward, don't just have a huddle with you, Al, Juice and Oster and start dreaming up ways to change the league, and you won't see a post like mine on 2/17/10 (and recall that I first said there should be no vote until everyone is in the league and knows the issues, but you knuckleheads when ahead anyway, so I called bullshit). And now I'm a "prick" for not agreeing with your little rat pack - blow me. Feel free to email me your phone number if you want to talk about this crap in person and stop running your smack on the message board - perhaps then we could have a somewhat reasonable conversation about the issue, but I suspect I won't get that email. s/ The Whiner P.S. - And, on PRINCIPAL, I will not leave the league until you f-ing remove me, Mr. Commish, sir! Yes, what you have is a standoff.

AGAIN. HE IS BITCHING ABOUT A LEAGUE THAT COSTS $25 FUCKING DOLLARS. And there have been approximately 754,000 words written about it.


Unkown Blogger said...

I hope you guys didnt change any rules without my consideration in our Free Fantasy league or I will cause hell. You need someone to hold onto Ben Sheets all year like i did last year...

Juicelaw said...

I just sent you another email to sign up. We totally need that team to take up space.