Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Calendar

A few quickies before I get into the point of the post. That hockey game Sunday was pretty epic. Canada is ALOT better than we (the U.S.A.) are. It seemed like Canada played half the game with 7 guys on the ice. There were long stretches where we were helpless to get the puck out of our own end. Looking at the bracket, the win was gigantic and probably nearly guarantees us a medal. We get a shit team in the quarters. So we only need to win one out of the last two to get a medal. And either Canada or Russia will be out by that point. The Swedes and Fins look pretty fucking tough though. Also, nobody that wasn't a pretty big "normal" sports fan saw the game because it was buried on fucking MSNBC. And PLEASE stop comparing it to the Miracle on Ice. Those were college and high school players playing against pros. These are pros playing against pros. It is not the same.


I'm putting together a drinking calendar. Hoping to mesh this with everyone else's drinking calendars to orchestrate and maximize our fun. Or at least what we remember of it.


27th: Being forced to go to an indoor waterpark in fucking Waupaca, WI with the in-laws. I'm going to get retarded.


27th: Some selfish bitch scheduled her wedding this weekend in Milwaukee. Which, I might add is also NCAA time. Sports Bottle, would you be interested in some sort of get together that weekend (pretty sure I have the right one). You may also know the person that is getting married. Mrs. Juice was unaware the future spouse existed until we got a save the date.


-The post tax day party (in my pants)
-Possible La Crosse trip?
-Possible Brewer trip? (Semi-unlikely)


14th: Shit in My Eye
22nd: Twins v. Brewers in Minnesota
26-30: San Diego vacation, where I will sneak off to Tijuana in the middle of the night to see a donkey show and get stabbed


-Possible Brewer trip?


-Possible Brewer trip?


-Possible Brewer trip?
-OJSFA Draft
-Possible Packer game?


-Possible Packer game?
-Possible Brewer trip?


-Possible Packer game?


-Possible Packer game?


-Sports Bottle's God's son's birthday
-Possible Packer game?

That is obviously a very rough draft. Things always come up. Please inform me if I'm missing anything obvious. Right now May is looking like a pretty good month.


The Sports Bottle said...

I think I may have an idea who is getting married. I also believe I might not be working that Saturday, but I'm not sure at this point.

Juicelaw said...

I would really prefer not to spend more than one after dinner drink at that strumpet's wedding. We will probably get a hotel room somewhere in Milwaukee. We should get drunk.

Ricky said...

May is looking good. Anyone else interested in going to Target field and watching the Brewere beat up on the Twins in an open air stadium?

We need to plan a Brewers game or two in Milwauakee also.

Somewhere we should all find some time to get some wings on a wed in lacrosse.

Juicelaw said...

Are you watching for the on sale date for tickets or am I? I am assuming they will be hard-ish to get.

I suppose we should probably figure out who is going too huh?

The Sports Bottle said...

I may be interested in a open air baseball game in MN.

I will plan a Brewer game for the summer on a weekend I have off.

We need to get to LAX when Juice can go, after April 15.

Juicelaw said...

I can't go the weekend of the 17th of April. But I'm down any other time.

Ricky said...

Tickets go on sale March 13th at 9 am. We need to figure out who is going and who is going to be logged on at 9 am with 8 windows open.

Juicelaw said...

I have to work. I guess that has never stopped me before. I would prefer it not be me because of that. I can send you money prior to if you want.