Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soup Watch: 3/31

Well, this seems awfully convenient, doesn't it? Somehow, every time we have a guy making an obscene amount of money to suck, he turns up with a mysterious injury at the exact time that management is forced to do something. Derrick Turnbow, Eric Gagne, Bill Hall, Jeff Suppan (twice). All of those players were so bad that our hand was forced into doing something with them. All made far too much money for a small market team to justify getting rid of them. So what happens? Some kind of injury crops up out of the blue. You are really going to sit here and tell me that he had a fucking injury as painful as a neck injury and managed to pitch like 6 spring training games??? I'm going to go ahead and call shenanigans on this.

At the end of the day, he isn't pitching for us right this second, so this satisfies me. What doesn't satisfy me is that I have to continue being stressed out about the possibility of them deciding he will be the fifth starter in mid-April (since we don't need one until then).

The best case scenario is that Parra, Narveson and Bush are lights out for a few weeks leaving the Crew no choice but to run Suppan over with a car to say he is now out for the year, or cut him.

The worst case scenario is Parra, Narveson or Bush getting hurt or lit up, giving Melvin an excuse to pitch Suppan again.

To me, anything short of TWO of the three getting put on the DL in the first two weeks of the year, would not justify keeping Soup.

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