Monday, March 1, 2010

ApocalyPS3 Now

Last night, I went to my PS3 and tried to play a game of MLB '09: The Show. It didn't work. Having played vids for about 20 years now, I didn't panic. This shit happens all the time with video game systems: see the classic blinking pink screen on Nintendo. Anyways, I stuck one of my other games in and it worked, so I did the whole reset, check for scratches on the disk, etc. thing and I still couldn't get it to work. I have actually had games for other systems that just "died" (which is scientific as hell) where I just couldn't play them anymore. I actually thought it would be a good opportunity to upgrade to '10 seeing as '09 was broken.

Today at lunch I was surfing around looking at video game review sites (which are the homepages on the six computers in my parent's basement) checking on release dates (tomorrow) for the baseball games. I fully intended to try it one last time tonight, and then buy the new game, after a short funeral for the old one. Then I read this. What. The. Fuck? ALL the fucking PlayStation 3s on earth are fucked? Really? This is either my worst nightmare or a reality check. I'm not sure which. Now I have to check back with Sony before I can even power the fucking thing on?

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