Friday, March 26, 2010

Rise and FIIIRRRRE!!!!

OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HAAAA!!!!!!-- Gus Johnson

We've got a white KNUCKLEERRRR!!!!


This broadcast is available in HIGH DEFINITIONNNN!!!!

As always, emphasis added by me, to portray screaming.

I love me some Gus Johnson. It was put on a tee for him so perfectly last night. There could not have been two better games for him to call. Had it not been for him screaming, I would have surely fallen asleep around hour 3 of KSU-Xavier last night. That call is going down as one of the best, mostly because the game itself was so great, and because we are going to be watching that one on ESPN Classic for the next 30 years. You've got to appreciate Gus because you really BELIEVE him when he is yelling. You believe that he is as into it as you are (probably more). He obviously loves what he is doing, or he is a helluva actor. There is nothing fake about it. Whatever just happened in the game seems ten times cooler when Gus calls it. A pretty exciting play turns into something that brings a smile to your face when the emotion is added. We are lucky to have someone like Gus calling games, and we should have him around at least another 20 or so years. Lets hope that if CBS loses the tournament, that he goes wherever the tournament does, because it isn't that same without him.

I swear the attraction is completely platonic and that I wouldn't sleep with him (unless he agreed to do the play by play).


JM said...

Somehow I missed the WVU-Xavier game last night... Did they play after the KSU-Xavier game?

Juicelaw said...

Thank you for pointing out my glaring mistake.


Bear said...