Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hole Gets Deeper

The original plan this weekend was to visit the old stomping ground, my alma mater, along with a few others who graced our wonderful university with their presence. Scheduling conflicts ensued and the trip was scrapped.

So, in my quest to justify drinking before noon, I had a brilliant idea. What are legitimate excuses to drink before noon?
  • Oktoberfest
  • Shit in My Eye
  • Snow Volleyball
  • Las Vegas
  • St Patty's Day
  • 12 bars of Christmas (not sure if Richard starts before noon, but it seems like a good tradition in which to do so)
  • College Baseball World Series (I did it once)

Schmock and I are adding another this Saturday. We are heading to Rockford, Illinois for OTB. What is OTB you ask? Off track betting. We're gonna sit at some large bowling alley/bar/restaurant and bet on horse races from all over the country. It's gonna be a Vegas sportsbook without the other sports, free drinks and Jeff Higgins. I do believe it's a brilliant idea.

The g/f and I invested in our future together the other day. We purchased a couple's membership to a local golf course. Golf anytime all week and unlimited range balls. I will be a single digit handicap by the end of the summer (probably not).


Juicelaw said...

You assholes don't have to go to Rockford. There is an OTB at Oneida in GB. I've never been. Rockford probably isn't that much further away, I dunno. Far less FIBS in GB though.

Other things to add to your list:

1) First Weekend of NCAA tournament (often coincides with St. Patties Day)
2) Arch Madness
3) Packer game days
4) Badger game days
5) Bachelor parties
6) End of finals week in college
7) Tuesday

The Sports Bottle said...

Maybe you should have told me that before

Juicelaw said...

Well, I'm telling you now. You are welcome any time between April 16th and December 31st.

Honestly, most of the draw for me to the horse betting was the free drinks. But it would be cool to spend a day.