Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arch Sadness

On Thursday thousands of Missouri Valley students and alumni will descend upon St. Louis for the four day drinking/basketball orgy known as Arch Madness. This week always makes me sad. The one good thing, maybe the only good thing, about being a student at Creighton was Bluejay basketball, and the opportunity to skip classes, road trip it to St. Louis, put 14 guys in a hotel room, and get fucking shitfaced for three straight days. I've been on record as saying that generally, if you aren't from Wisconsin, you cannot handle your booze. But this week, young and old alike from such places as Omaha, NE, Springfield, MO, Cedar Falls, IA, Des Moines, IA, Normal, IL, Terre Haute, IN, Carbondale, IL, Witchita, KS, Evansville, IN, and Peoria, IL, combine forces for a drunken, sloppy mess. And they do it well.

Oh, and they play a little bit of basketball too. Creighton plays at 2:30 on Friday against Bradley. Maybe CU has finally put everything together. They have played well the past two weeks. I would give them almost no chance, except for the fact that strange things happen at Arch Madness. Creighton has won ten tournament titles, which is twice as many as any other team. They are also the only team ever to win it as a 4 seed (2000). So anything is possible. If not, I guess there is always the CBI tournament.

So to all students and alumni of Valley schools heading to the Lou tomorrow. I'm jealous. Some day, when my wife and Twinkie's wife finally wise up and get rid of us, and I either quit this job, own the place or Uncle Sam stops requiring taxes to be filed, we will make our triumphant return. Until then, GO JAYS!!!

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gotwinkies said...

I just shed a tear. Amazing post. Amen.

Getting old sucks.