Thursday, March 18, 2010

NCAA picks!

I know nobody probably cares at this point, but I figured fuck it, someone had to help break up Juice's stranglehold on posting.

So here we go!

I'll start by saying I have a Final Four pick playing right now. That's right... BYU. Why BYU? Their offensive and defensive efficiency ratings are solid, top 20 for both. They don't turn the ball over, they bomb from behind the arc, my only knock on them is that they haven't played anyone. Wait that's a pretty big knock... Nobody said this was an exact science right?

In the East I have a repeat regional final from 2003 with Kentucky, Marquette and Wisconsin all making the sweet 16. I really wanted to pick the play in game for the Final Four to be between Wisconsin and Marquette, but I just couldn't do it. I have Kentucky coming out of the East, but of course since cheaters always get what they deserve, I'm sure Bucky will end up stomping them. I could easily see Wisconsin or Marquette coming out of this bracket. No love to West Virginia, New Mexico sucks.

Midwest is not a very interesting region, I had a couple small upsets in first round, G Tech and SD State, but after that it gets pretty run of the mill. I really didn't want Kansas to come out of that bracket and into my final, but when you look at the numbers and their record, it's tough not to pick them. Ohio State is a sexy pick if Turner can take over a couple games in a row. Michigan State sucks, Maryland is blah and G'Town has too many flaws to challenge Ohio St or Kansas.

South is also kinda boring, Duke got a fucking cake walk to the Final Four, but I did get to put Utah St and St Mary's in my sweet 16. Nova is an over rated 2, Purdue is a limping 4, Duke and Baylor in my elite eight. I fucking hate Duke and I hate the NCAA bracket deciders for giving them this walk. It's an outrage to be perfectly honest. Bullshit! My only consolation for this is that the Tar Heels missed the tourney this year.

The bottom half of the West bracket is REALLY interesting to me. I have Minnesota winning their first game and I really wanted to pick them to win a second game, but I just couldn't do it. Kansas St is really good and I think it may have been dumb of me to pick BYU over them and then have BYU run to the Final Four, but fuck it, all 1 and 2 seeds is a boring bracket to pick and I already had 3 1 seeds in. Pitt is beatable, Butler is a scary 5 seed I think, Vanderbilt, who did they play?

My Final Four is BYU, Kansas, Duke and Kentucky, my final is Kentucky and Kansas and my champion is Kentucky! Once I got to Elite Eight my bias's took over, they always do!


The Sports Bottle said...

You forgot to mention that BYU is all white. That definitely does not play in their favor.

Juicelaw said...

I have BYU in the elite 8.

Kansas, West Virginia, Duke, Syracuse. Kansas over Duke.