Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In My Defense or How Terrible I Am At Picking The Tourney

Well in hindsight I should have went with St Mary's instead of BYU in the final four I guess. I bitched about how weak the South bracket was and instead tried to drag a mediocre team out of a much better West bracket. Well this isn't the first time The Church of Latter Day Saints has disappointed me and I'm sure it won't be the last!

Once again my homer picks blew up in my face, immediately. I will say this though, Marquette's bounce from the tourney was not because of lack of effort, Washington has played phenomenally thus far. Seriously, after they beat Marquette I said there was no way they would win another game, then they just beat down New Mexico. Wisconsin? They fucking stunk it up, both games. Got extremely lucky to get out of the first round and then played exactly the same the second round and deservedly were bounced out.

My biggest surprises of the tourney thus far?

Purdue, I really thought they had no chance to get to the sweet 16 and I still think they get murdered by Duke, but to win two tourney games without Hummel has been very surprising.

Obviously Kansas going down. I kind of had a feeling they might lose, but in the second round to Northern Iowa? No fucking way. I was thinking maybe Ohio St or a Final Four game.

The Big East sucking ass. I might have to stop all my crowing I do every year about how awesome the Big East is as a conference, they didn't even look pedestrian this year, they looked awful. It's up to Syracuse and WVU to redeem them.

Everything else was pretty much run of the mill for tourney, there's gonna be some big upsets, gonna be some little ones. I knew better than to praise Minnesota, but at least I anti-jinxed them. Other than that it's just been my homer picks and Big East bias that really cost me in my bracket. Which is why I hardly ever do these fucking things for money anymore, I've managed to eliminate almost all of my bias from fantasy sports, but I just can't do it when I'm picking my brackets. Oh well, my champion is still alive, Go UK!


Fuzzy said...

I hate you Bear. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Juicelaw said...

Fuzzy: Turns out that BYU-Utah St. final didn't happen after all. I guess it wasn't in His (not the QB, but Sports Bottle's bud) plan.

In all seriousness, I just got word from Richard that he is going to be in your area next week. Hide your wife.

Fuzzy said...

I was actually surprised that BYU won a game. They usually just choke in the first round.

I'll make sure and warn the wife that Sir Richard will be around. All I have to say is "short drunk guy rolling around in grass" and she'll remember him. Did he mention how they got approval to have their NAMBLA conference in Utah?

Juicelaw said...

Lots of pent up sexual oppression/aggression?