Friday, March 5, 2010

Giant Envy

Really San Francisco Giants? Really? If you aren't in the know lets recap this whole thing and you can tell me if you think the Giants are gigantic pussies or not.

Late last season, Prince Fielder hit a walk off homer to beat the Giants. As he rounded the plate, the Brewers proceeded to engage in the coolest choreographed home run celebration in major league history (pictured above). All the guys were standing at the plate, and when he jumped on home, everyone fell. Good times were had by all.
Immediately afterwards, a bunch of old timers were enraged, and somehow the media decided that having fun while playing baseball should be outlawed. I don't think any fines were levied or anything, just extremely stern glances and comments.
Fast forward to yesterday. First spring training game for the Brewers. Prince Fielder comes to the plate for his first spring at bat. The game is against the Giants. He gets plunked on the first pitch....
Are you fucking serious? Jesus, it isn't like Prince Fielder hit a homerun and then threw the bat at the pitcher. He fucking celebrated with his teammates. If you are so offended, don't fucking let him hit a homer. To be fair, it seemed like a pretty light toss that hit him today, but what if that hits him in the wrist or something stupid. I LOVE me a good bean ball war, but not six months later because a guy celebrated winning a game for his team. This whole fake outrage over being disrespected, from a bunch of guys who on a whole can barely spell disrespect is fucking ridiculous.
That being said, the Brewers should have retaliated. Maybe they did, I don't get too many spring training "highlights".


gotwinkies said...

I heard a story on the radio (commenting about this Prince F. story) that Nolan Ryan threw at Ricky Henderson's head in the 1985 All Star game (and missed I think. It was the first time that Ryan had gotten to face Henderson since the 1979 season, when they were both in the American league and Henderson trotted around the bases a little too slow after a homer. OR maybe it's because Nolan Ryan is a huge racist. I don't know. But I do know that story, if true, is hardcore and very awesome.

Juicelaw said...

Nolan Ryan is a bad man. He would throw at his own grandson in a game at a family reuinion because he had to change his diaper twenty five years earlier.

Slightly different circumstances here though. This was an entire team that was incensed. If the guy who gave up the homer (Bob Howry?) wants to do it, I would have far less of a problem.

Bear said...

God professional baseball is full of fucking whiners

Disrespect this, you're old and no one gives a shit what you think about because none of the shit this dude describes disrespects baseball or anyone unless you're a little bitch who can't take it when you lose

Juicelaw said...

That REALLY pissed me off. What a dipshit. I stopped reading like two paragraphs in. That guy gets PAID to write shit like that? At least my crap is free.

Is it bad that I'm glad we have Hardicourt and Wirtado?