Thursday, March 25, 2010

$12.5 Million Dollar Pitching Machine

I am starting to get frustrated about what I believe is going to happen to the 25 man roster for your 2010 Brewers. While I could be wrong, it looks like the Crew is preparing to send Carlos Villenueva to AAA to start the season, rather than sending Jeff Suppan home. I don't get it. Haven't they seen enough in the past four years to know what you have with Suppan? Haven't they seen enough in the past few weeks? I'm not making the argument that Villa is great. He is decidedly average. But Soup is decidedly terrible. They are wasting a roster spot over money, when the fact remains that they are going to pay him whether he gives up 50 HRs or not. So why guarantee yourself a few losses? What do you have to lose if you are the Brewers? He was part of one of the worst pitching staffs in Major League Baseball last year. This is bordering on insanity. The stats on Soup are just staggering. I'm too lazy to post them here, but last year he was like WORST IN THE LEAGUE in WHIP and ERA among full time starters.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they are trying to trade him and that is why it is taking so long. I dunno. But I doubt they are going to cut him at this point, and that is a shame. The Brewers are good enough to compete for the playoffs with a semi-competent pitching staff, but they are not good enough to lose three or four games while giving a guy the chance to pitch his way out of something, that he has been trying to pitch his way out of for two plus seasons.


Twinkie forced someone to steal us great tickets to one of the Brewer-Twin games in Minnesota in May. I've never paid more than like $30 for a baseball ticket, and we are paying $62 (regular price) for these. I look forward to a rain out.

-Sports Bottle and our female companions are going to drink ourselves blind in Brew City on Saturday night after I attend the wedding of one of his ex-girlfriends. I wish I could just skip the wedding. Whatever. Me after 60+ hours of work for 8 straight weeks, on like no sleep, plus drinking to get drunk = forgetting things.


gotwinkies said...

I like how you bitch about the price of the tickets, but fail to point out they are ONE row behind tickets that cost $250 a game.

Juicelaw said...

I was bitching about the lack of a retractable roof and the rainstorm that is inevitable.

The seats are great. Good job.

/pats on back

gotwinkies said...

Thanks. That felt good. Really brightened my morning.