Friday, March 19, 2010

I Didn't Shave Today...

It is my day to shave according to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine. I look like a fucking wolverine. I didn't shave because I showing my solidarity as a conscientious objector to the tyranny that is a) having to work today (based on my national holiday/sports theory) and b) having to work today because I got 5 hours of sleep because every motherfucking game went to overtime or was won a last second shot with the last minute taking 45 minutes in every game.

Or because I'm just lazy. Either way.

Yesterday was absolutely bananas. It was the least disappointing start to any sporting event in recent memory. Started out 8-0 in my "researched bracket"....and finished 12-4. Fucking Marquette. I'm sort of glad they lost. Thanks for coming Georgetown.

I'm going dark Jack Bauer style at 2 p.m. CST so that I can be up until 1 a.m. watching the games on a slight delay (although I will probably catch up because of lack of commercials at some point). DON'T CONTACT ME!!!

Only upsets I've really got today are Utah St. and Georgia Tech, neither of which are that huge. I also picked Florida St. over Gonzaga for some reason, even though Gonzaga is going to beat Syracuse in round 2. Or Vermont, because some asshole at the Green Bay Press Gazette picked Vermont over Syracuse.

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