Monday, January 4, 2010


I would like to apologize to Mike McCarthy and/or Ted Thompson. Whichever one I said should be fired after the Tampa Bay loss. (I think I said McCarthy). I was wrong. Anyone that said they expected 11-5, especially after that ridiculous Tampa game is a liar.

The NFL can't be real happy with how things turned out in the wild card, from the standpoint that THREE of the four games are repeats of LAST WEEK! What are the odds of that happening? The Cowboys-Eagles I suppose isn't that strange since they play in the same division. Just awkward. Also, the NFL can't be real happy because this week was one of the worst weeks of NFL football in recent memory. The only game that both mattered, and was ever close was Pittsburgh/Miami. And it turned out neither team even got in. Just some horrendous football. Finally, that whole "let's add two more regular season games" thing, sounds good in theory, until you consider how shitty 25% of the games are the last two weeks already. I guess it probably would just move those two shitty weeks to the end in most circumstances. The NFL is just so fucking violent that I'm not sure how you can expect teams not to save guys for the playoffs. We'll see I guess.

The media was fairly um, wrong when they said the Packers were going to play on Saturday. It was WIDELY speculated all week that this was the case. I'm not sure I like waiting until Sunday afternoon again, but at least the game can't ruin my entire weekend if they lose.

You can't take anything away from this game really. The Cards had no interest in being there, and some of the Packers did. I'm a little unhappy with Rodgers playing as late as he did, but he wasn't injured so maybe it will be for the best. I like the Packers in this one.

One last thing. I LOVE how Fox called Dallas the "hottest team in the NFC" BEFORE they beat Philly. Even though they only one two straight (after losing like three or four in a row immediately prior to that lengthy, lengthy winning streak). Then after the Philly game, they throw up the "hottest team" graphic using only the last three games. This is despite the fact that Green Bay was 7-1 in their last 8, and Philly was 6-2. No media bias there at all.

Another last thing. He Who Shall Not Be Named is not out for stats. Exhibit #1: Going for it on fourth and goal up 34-0 and throwing the ball.

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