Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ramblings of a madman. I think I need some therapy or something. I woke up this morning feeling fine, not anxious or stressed out at all. I even thought in my head as I was donning my A.J. Hawk jersey, which, by the way, is a jersey of another grown man, that it might be the last time I get to wear it until April. Then I sat down, started a little surfing (after spending like three hours "fixing" my computer yesterday) and putting on the NFL Network as ambient noise in the background. Now, I am stressed the fuck out. It wasn't anything they said. I just hate being the favorite in my own mind. The Packers are clearly that. Marshall Faulk and some writer from Arizona are the only two people on the planet that think the Cardinals will win today (even Kurt Warner picks 31-10 Packers). And in the postseason, this can get sketchy. Road playoff wins are not easy. I'm not sure if what happened yesterday bodes well or poorly for the Pack. In the two "repeats" from last week, both teams that won last week won this week. Does this mean that the Packers will too? Is it too obvious? Am I reading too much into this? Fuck, I've been discussing the time/day of our game against the Saints next week already (allegedly 3:30 Saturday). I don't think I'm mentally prepared for 8 MONTHS of no Packer games.

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