Friday, January 15, 2010

Gambling and Other Random Shit

Ok, Juice, you've inspired me to contribute.

I haven't updated my gambling addiction in awhile. I think I was up almost $100 the last time we spoke. I think I'm now down about $20 or so. I actually have to bust out a calculator to figure it out because Schmock and Jamie contributed $93 to the overall amount. I still strongly urge anyone (Juice, Twinkie) to give it a try. I am now an official NHL fan. I love it. Yahoo has at least one free game every night and I'm always watching (betting) on it. For the weekend I have the Saints -7, Colts -6.5, Vikings -2.5 and Chargers -7.5. I'm pretty confident given my picks from last week (I lost all 4 games). Keep in mind, it is just as difficult to lose all 4 than it is to win all 4.

Moving on....

I just did a full 2 weeks of normal work hours. By normal I mean getting up at 6am, at work by 7am and in bed by 10pm. It is fucking awful. How can you guys do it? I'm back to my "normal" hours on Sunday.

I just got upset reading Juice's post about snow volleyball. It is simply the best weekend of the year. It never fails. Even last year when we were too lazy to get in at the Alpine, it was still great. No naps, Richard. Richard and his cohorts were sleeping at about 7pm last year. Fucking pussy. The only excuse you can use this year is if you lay Juice's wife's friend....... AGAIN.

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Juicelaw said...

Yeah. Nobody better be in bed by 7pm unless they are boning.