Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lucky Fucks

The lucky fucks I refer to are three people I spent my day with on Friday. A friend, let's call him Schmock, and his wife, who we'll call Jamie, showed up at my place on Friday morning during the first half of the Northwestern game. During the previous day I had received a text message from Schmock asking, and I paraphrase, "if I wanted to bet on some college football games but didn't want to sign up online, how would I go about that?" Seriously Schmock? He couldn't simply ask if I could place some bets for him. So Schmock and Jamie ask me to place 5 separate $5 bets, four bowl games and then a parlay of those four bowl games (Northwestern +9, Penn St even, Ohio St +4.5 and Florida -13). As you can see they won all five bets. They also added Purdue over West Virginia (college basketball) and Lakers game over 211 to win a tidy $93 on the day and 7 for 7 on all their bets. My girlfriend is the other lucky fuck. She placed one 2 team bowl parlay and won. And she also won the over 211. I didn't have a bad day myself, winning a $125 parlay along with some other small wins. Between all of us we won $236, ate shitload of food and drank from 10:30am to midnight. An overall successful day.

Apparently I have some things to learn about betting, and Schmock and Jamie need to teach me.

The Giants +8 did not cover. No beans for Juice and Juice's brother.

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Juicelaw said...

Did we get money for LOSING all of our bets? That is incredible.