Friday, January 8, 2010

Picks N' Such

The game last night was not very good, except for about 10 minutes right near the end. I guess it isn't the BCS's fault that McCoy got hurt, although for some reason I feel like there was a a conspiracy afoot. Because the BCS title game has been good like 2, maybe three times since its conception (which HAD to have been some type of forced sexual assault). And the BCS doesn't care because they claim to make money hand over fist regardless. So they saw the results of the Get Together and resolved to prove a point to the fair readers of this blog, that they will do whatever the fuck they want, and you will like it.

Other thoughts on the game:

- Made this comment last night to my a few others: "When the second half started, Mack Brown looked alot like Bud Kilmer right before the second half of the championship game on "Varsity Blues" and I though for sure Colt McCoy would coach the second half.

-Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but there was a smoking hot chick sitting next to Colt McCoy's dad that I'm guessing was Colt's woman. Good work.

-Alabama was still better than Texas.

-That Gilbert guy was 5/24 passing at one point.

-Nick Saban is a dick. Even after he wins a "National Championship"


The plan this weekend is as follows: 1) Stay up late playing video games and/or continuing to trudge through "The Book of Basketball"; 2) Sleep in relatively late Saturday (like 9 a.m. is considered "late" these days); 3) Drink coffee, surf Internets; 4) Pretend to be helpful in house chores; 5) Watch Bucky v. Purdue/CU v. Wichita St.; 6) Watch football for 7 hours; 7) sleep; 8) coffee; 9) watch football for 7 hours.

This weekend is not as good as next weekend will be (especially if the Pack doesn't fuck this up), but it is going to be good anyway. Playoff football is finally here. I asked my wife the other day if she knew what we were doing this weekend. Her response "I don't know". I said, "I know. We are watching football for 14 hours. So don't make other plans."

I have a hard time envisioning a scenario that doesn't involve Jarrett Bush or a kickoff return for a touchdown where the Packers don't beat the Cardinals. Even if I pretend I never saw the Packers' starters destroy the Cards starters for a quarter in two meaningless games, I still think the Packers are better all around. Offense: I think this is the only thing that could slant to the Cardinals, but you pretty much know what you are going to get from the Pack. Warner might throw for 400 yds and 5TDs (all against Bush) or he might throw 4 picks and fumble twice. The Packers defense is much, much better than the Cards. Special Teams is probably in the Cards favor but only because of Crosby. I expect a relatively high scoring affair. I'm going to say 31-23 Pack. We will know on Sunday who our 2nd round opponent will be with a win. I can't mentally handle another Packers v. He Who Shall Not Be Named game. Even though the Packers are playing better now.


I'm not really sure what is considered "good" in picking games. My assumption would be somewhere around 50% would be acceptable if you picked every game. I am now unacceptable this season after getting raped last week.

Last Week: 6-10
Season: 113-114-4
All-Time: 247-240-6

Cin (-2.5), Phi (+4), Bal (+3), GB (Pk)

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