Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It Was Only A Matter of Time

I'm like Jordan. I may go 1 for 25 in the first three quarters, but eventually I'm going on fire. Yesterday was my figurative 4th quarter. I calmly and coolly nailed an 8 team NHL parlay for a cool $191. It was inevitable. You can't keep me down for long. So before I begin a historic losing streak I would like to mention I am up $98.84 overall.

Have no fear, Badger fans, for I have placed a cool $5 on Michigan St tonight giving the Badgers 6.5 points, which pretty much ensures the Badgers will pull out an outright victory.

Sad news of the day. I have found out that my new job will keep me from attending my favorite annual event in the bluffs of La Crosse - snow volleyball. But to make up for it, the g/f and I are heading to Granite Pike Ski Resort this weekend for some fun on the hills. I haven't been downhill skiing in about 10 years. Sounds like a great idea.


Juicelaw said...

Break a leg....

Juicelaw said...

Also, I was considering going to snow volleyball. But now that you (and I presume your girlfriend??) aren't going, its going to be a challenge to convince Mrs. Juice, which probably means I'm not going either.

Convince me (Mrs. Juice) Richard.

And getting drunk with you probably isn't good enough. I can pretty much do that whenever I want. You like to drink. Are there going to be likeable females for Mrs. Juice to play with?