Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow, big Brewers news

Holy cow! So I guess JJ Hardy has been sent down to Nashville and Alcides Escobar has been called up to the big leagues? That is the news according to JSOnline. Is this move indicative of an upcoming trade? There's been a lot of rumors since they put Hardy up on waivers, mostly involving the Red Sox, but he hasn't fully cleared yet, which is basically what it would take for the Sox to get a claim in on him.

At the same time Bill Castro has been fired as pitching coach and replaced the mother fuckin Boz, Chris Bosio. I have fond memories of him and Teddy Higuera tearing shit up late 80's, early 90's style. No idea if he's a good coach or not though, time will tell.

UPDATE: The axe just swung again as Bill Hall is being DFA, which, with no options left, means one of three things, he can be claimed by a team (haha no fucking way), he can accept a minor league assignment(most likely what will happen, I suggest the Timber Rattlers) or he will be outright released if he declines an assignment to the minors. So basically the same thing as two weeks ago, not really news. Also they called up some french guy to replace him. Oh non!

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Juicelaw said...

Beat me to it. But holy shit. Doug Melvin has a mastadonic penis.