Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Satan Lives!

Surprised? Not at all.

Disappointed? Better believe it.

Really, Really Pissed Off? Fuck Yes.

Scared? Nope.

He has officially fucked me for the last time. I don't care if he changes his mind again. Which is pretty fucking likely. His name is not welcome in my home, or this blog ever again. He officially one of the enemies, and will be forever. He erased 16 years with one swipe of the pen. And for what? For 12 million dollars. Good for fucking him. He can buy that new tractor he always wanted. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOUR LIES. And most of all FUCK THE VIQUEENS AND THIER SHITTY FANS.

On the bright side, Harris, Woodson and Collins can start making plans for Hawaii because thier season interception totals were just guaranteed to go up by at least one each.


Bear said...

I was considering updating this like an hour ago when the story broke, but then I thought to myself, is it really news if when you say you are going to retire 85% of the people reading that story immediately call bullshit?

Bear said...

Also, Brett Favre!

Juicelaw said...

I have a fucking migraine. Not as much as Traviarioues. But still. Fucking piece of shit. Fuck. Motherfucking fuck. I just told my assistant that I hope his arm falls off and he dies. She said "No you don't." I said, yes, I do. I think I scared her.