Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pity Bill Castro?

Bill Castro was one of the casualties of Doug Melvin's murderin' spree yesterday. He was canned after 18 years on the team. I'm not saying Bill Castro is a good pitching coach. I'm not saying that a pitching coach does or doesn't affect the results that a pitching staff puts up. I'm just saying that he had Jeff Suppan, Braden Looper, Mike Burns, Carlos Villanueva and Seth McClung starting games for him this year. And he was the one that took the bullet instead of any one of these pieces of shit. Oh, and hopefully they weren't comparing this year's results with last year's. Because last year we had Ben Sheets and CC mutherfucking Sabathia. Being a pitching coach (like any coach) and having any success, depends alot on what you have to work with. And the cupboard was pretty bare at starter this year, due to injuries and general shittyness. Firing Bill Castro is like firing a writer for not finishing a book on time, when you took away his laptop and replaced it with a calligraphy pen. Or letting a WR go when he didn't produce like last year, because he lost a fucking leg in the offseason.

But life's a bitch, and I'll get over it.

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