Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today In Fake Sports News

The White Broncos roster:
Bernard Berrian
Pierre Thomas
Shaun Hill
Jesus Fucking Christ. Someone shit directly in my cereal.

Baseball league with old dudes: Holding a tenuous 5-4 lead thanks to unbelievable pitching, and unbelievably terrible hitting. Chould likely win 4 out of 5 pitching categories without throwing another inning. But I'm going to for the jugular (and $75).

NFL RedZone Channel: Got all excited that Dish Network picked it up. Until I found out that those pricks want to charge me $5.99 a month for it. Fuck. That. I already pay too fucking much for TV. As an aside, I watched so many episodes of Entourage the other night that I had fucking Entourage-mares. (Similar to the 24-mares and Soprano-mares, I've had in the past). So I probably watch enough TV to make it worth it.

Michael Jordan gets rejected: Totally got busted surfing the Internets by the president of the company yesterday afternoon. Perhaps I am the Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards edition, of pretending to work. The fucking guy just appeared over my shoulder. At least it was and not something illegal.

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