Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thanks, But No Thanks

Dear Mr. Shall Not Be Named,

Um. A little late if you ask me. Like three years too late. I would be willing to consider your weak attempt at buddying up if you a) apologize and b) die. Only then can you be allowed back into the family. Also, Julius Peppers thinks you are a liar.


Packer Nation

-Does anyone find it even the slightest bit surprising that he did this when the attention would otherwise be completely and deservedly on Rodgers? Also, is ESPN serious? Are they really STILL dedicating a bottomline slot to him when he does anything? It is insane? I can guarantee there will be another "He Who Shall Not Be Named is dead" montage during the pregame show on Sunday.

-Also, He has nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers being good or not. We get it. He used to play quarterback for us at a very high level. 3 years ago. No paralleling Rodgers and Don Majkowski?

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