Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green (and Gold?)

I was going to lead this post off with the YouTube video of the monkey forcibly raping a frog's mouth. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. Suffice it to say it is hilarious and you should check it out. I felt like it was kind of a metaphor for the game yesterday, as Lovie played his entire team in a meaningless game, the entire time, just to try to prove a point. The point he actually proved? Jay Cutler isn't very good.

Not an impressive win by any means, but I will take it. McCarthy may have actually saved his job by running the play action to Donald Lee (as an aside, what the fuck happened to Donald Lee??? He was a Pro Bowl alternate two years ago, and now he can't beat out fucking Tom Crabtree!!). I IMPLORE Mike McCarthy, PLEASE stop running Kuhn out of the fullback spot. It works ONCE a year. If you do it once a GAME, teams start game planning for it. It is really, really hard for an NFL team to run from the FB spot, because the FB gets like 2 yards to build up speed, and typically the FBs aren't exactly shifty. If you want to run Kuhn, I don't have a huge problem with it, but give the man the six yards he desperately needs to see a hole and build up his battering ram speed. Or let me play Madden in the box and call plays for you McCarthy. Either way.

I'm a little freaked out by the Eagles, by Vick, by the thought that Vick might mistake B.J. Raji for a St. Bernard and electrocute him, by Andy Reid's kid giving me some bad ex that makes me OD, by Desean Jackson returning punts, by the ghost of 4th and 26. The Eagles can't be thrilled to get us either, but unless you played the Seahawks, there was no easy draw in the NFC. I can't really predict this game. I wouldn't bet on us winning, but we definitely could. I bet it will be close if we lose. We haven't gotten beat by more than a FG all season (probably not a fact, I didn't look it up, it just feels that way). I played it in Madden last night and the Pack won 35-14, so I guess you should probably go single handedly move the Vegas line with your betting Sports Bottle.


The two massage therapists from the Jets filed a sexual harassment claim against He Who Shall Not Be Named and the Jets!!!!!! Fucking sweet!!! I wish they had done it ten weeks ago, but still hilarious to kick him while he is down!! "I guess I have bad intentions". GREAT!

I had a whole other rant about hating people at the gym, but it will have to wait because I have to go scour the He Who Not Be Named sex pleadings. Out!

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