Monday, January 17, 2011

Here. We. Go.

This post is going to come with a disclaimer. I may well be repeating a number of things said by our lovely guest Mr. Gonzalez. I admit that I did not yet have 73 minutes (approx.) to read the 7500 words (again, approximate) he wrote. However, if it is anything like his first guest appearance, it is much, much better than what I'm about to write, and you should probably just skip mine altogether and read his. Also, it is a goddamn crime that he does not yet have access to write on this blog at will because Bear is a lazy piece of shit. There, I said it.

ANYWAYS (h/t Chuck Klosterman), the Packers played in a football game on Saturday night. I watched it while inhaling approximately 7,300 calories and having 8 or 9 drinks. Also, a shitload of Packer fans watched it from the Georgia Dome. I know this because by the middle of the third quarter, the Pack was up by three touchdowns, and all the Atlanta fans had left. (As an aside, and not really the point of this post, Falcons "fans" are a fucking joke. C'mon. I fully realize you were getting your ass kicked. But you probably paid a lot of money for those tickets, and all week, you paid ESPN to hype how "loud" the Georgia Dome is and how Rodgers and company would crumble before your bullshit "115 decibels". And you could barely find the time in your busy schedules to make it through 3/4 of the game. And there is the difference between you as a fan base and the Packer fan base. At least we would've stayed in our seats and hurled obscenities on our team. You should be ashamed). OK, that was a large aside, but there was a football game nonetheless. In this game, when the Packers had the ball, the Falcons had 11 men playing hard on one side of the ball, and the Packers had 10 men, and 1 motherfucking GOD.

That was, without a doubt, with all recentness and homerism biases aside, the best performance I've ever seen by a quarterback. A-Rodg could not miss a receiver, for the most part he could not be sacked. If Atlanta blized, Rodgers made them pay. If the Falcons played coverage, A-Rodg made them pay. It was absurd. We as Packer fans are lucky that we can call him Ours.

And now he needs to do it again. Now is when the shit gets serious, and it is for real. On the road. Against our biggest historic (and probably now, current) rival. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Great quarterbacks win games like the one coming up. I don't think there is any doubt that he is a great quarterback. After watching that performance on Saturday, I believe.


-Cue the "experts" comparing Rodgers and Cutler. Seriously, I've already seen a few. Look, Cutler is an OK quarterback who occasionally has a flash of being really good. He also has the tendency to implode. He is the Chicago football version of Carlos Zambrano. Cutler is not even playing the same sport as Rodgers right now. Having a decent game against a below .500 Seattle team at home does not make Cutler Aaron Rodgers. So please. Stop.

-The Packers have been installed as 3 point road favorites. I will lay the 3.

-I am already freaking out about this game on Sunday. I'm thankful it is the early game, because my head would explode if I had to sit through the AFC Championship thinking about the Packers. Stress level is a solid 8.5/10.

-Tedy Bruschi is trying to think of a way to base his game prediction on the 1941 playoff game between the teams. I mean, he picked the Giants to beat the Packers because they won the game after the first "Miracle at the Meadowlands". So why not base the NFC Championship on a game played by Sid Luckman and Don Hutson.

-Fuck Bears fans already. They are idiotic for wanting any part of us.

-Cue the articles that discuss how the Packers win in Week 17 was "meaningless" for the Bears and that is the only reason the Packers won. Bullshit. Why have Jay "Joe Montana" Cutler in in the 4th quarter of a meaningless game? It is impossible to play a football game and not give 100%. Because if you half ass it, you get injured. And it would make no sense at all for the Bears to call "vanilla" plays, and risk injury to Cutler, Peppers, etc. Please stop this madness.

-Cue the articles pretending that the "weather" in Chicago is going to slow down the Pack. Last time I checked, we beat the Giants, Bears and Philly in freezing conditions (and other than the Chicago game, put up a lot of points doing it), before the big dome game against Atlanta. While I'm sure any team would prefer a dome or warm weather, we will be fine.

-Don't ignore the Packers defense. With the defense playing as well as it has, we can afford to make mistakes, or have a below average game on offense, and still win.

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