Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not Much of a Day

I have come to the conclusion that two things should be illegal:

1) There should never be a Sunday without an NFL game (the Pro Bowl does not count). The owners want to play 18 games? Screw that. I say play 52! Seriously, I'm probably going to take a three hour nap and maybe play some vids. Productive day!

2) Green Bay Packer players should not be allowed to open Twitter accounts if they are incapable of not saying something stupid while your team is going to the Super Bowl. And this means you Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley. I didn't necessarily disagree with them, and Rodgers probably shouldn't have called them out. But Twitter started it. So shut the fuck up. Twitter should only be allowed when you are going to say awesome things like YOTTO and Dallastexassuperbowl and Super Bowl or Die.

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