Friday, January 14, 2011

The Debate

I've been invited to someone's house for the Packer game today. The someone is my in-laws, but that isn't important because I like them. It is only important that I need to decide whether I want to watch the game in the controlled enviroment of my home, or in the great unknown. I've written at length about my general disdain for "Packer parties". But I'm going to rehash it because I have nothing else to write about. Here is a Pro/Con list of my house v. someone else's:


Pro: I have complete control of my surroundings. Temperature, volume of TV, where I sit, the volume of others, the changing of channels, no censorship or volume control of myself, I can drink as much as I want and not have to drive, and I can throw or hit things

Con: If I want a shitload of food I have to buy it and cook it myself


Pro: Food is awesome, and I like it a lot

Con: Censorship, screaming kids, the distraction of everyone talking to eachother during the game, people disagreeing with me about something that is happening in the game, lack of control over my surroundings.

Ultimately, I guess I'm going. I think the children will be kept at a minimum, and I can't pass up an all you can eat spread. I just hate being every one's sideshow, which is why my in-laws enjoy watching the games with me. Because I jump around and scream and everyone thinks it is funny. So I guess I'm funny like a clown. Whatever.

Prediction: Packers 19, Falcons 16 (OT). The Falcons do nothing that scares me necessarily. They do everything pretty good, and nothing bad, but I don't feel like they are great at anything. The Pack has a GREAT QB, and a borderline great defense. If we can slow down Burner Turner, which we did a poor job of the first time, I think we will win this game.

Other predictions: Pats (-8.5), Steelers (-3), Bears (-10), Badgers over the Illini (in a game I will probably not see much of due to the requirement that I'm at my destination and on a couch by 3:30 and the fact that the B12Ten in its infinite wisdom scheduled this game against an NFL playoff game), Indiana St over CU tomorrow in a game that I will see none of.

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